Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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This blog is now closed

Hello everyone - or whoever has been reading the posts on this blog over the last few years ... we are closing this blog tomorrow.

What once was the Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Team no longer exists as of 31 March 2016.

We are very grateful for all the help and support we got from many, many people during the years we were in operation and had a mostly wonderful time doing our work.

Thanks for working with us and all the very, very best from us for the future.

Warmest regards, from all of the Neighbourhood Management Team.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cumbria Police to host recruitment open evening

Cumbria Police are hosting a recruitment open evening for members of the public who wish to learn more about the role of PCs and PCSOs. We welcome people from across the county to attend and in particular encourage applicants from West Cumbria.

We are looking to recruit 108 Police Constables, 20 Police Community Support Officers and 36 Special Constables over the coming financial year.

Applications are currently being accepted and the closing date for all applications is the 19th February 2016.

The open evening will take place on Tuesday 9th February 2016 from 6.30pm-7.30pm at St Michaels Church, Falcon Place, Workington.

The open evening will offer people interested in these roles the opportunity to meet Superintendent Gary Slater, Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley and Detective Inspector Dan StQuintin from the West Cumbria policing team. Presentations will be given about the roles of PC and PCSO and other specialist positions within the Constabulary and there will be a chance to look at police equipment and uniform. Staff from Cumbria Constabulary Human Resource department will also be in attendance to offer advice on the application process.

Superintendent Gary Slater said “This is a fantastic opportunity for potential candidates interested in a career in policing to learn about the organisation and get advice from experienced officers on all the roles available. The officers will be able to share their experiences and are passionate about helping others get into a career they enjoy.

“Our aim is to attract local candidates to apply, so we want to urge anyone who is interested to come along to the open evening”

To attend please contact CSD on 101, option 2, ext 60036 or email

For more information visit:

Friday, 18 December 2015

See life as it is, but focus on the good bits

Thought for the Week

“I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,
For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
But the faith and the hope and the love are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light and the stillness the dancing.”
From ‘The Four Quartets – East Coker’ by T S Eliot

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Local collection point to support flood victims - Barrow

Local Collection point for Cumbria Flood Victims on Barrow Market
There is now a stall on Barrow Market (stall number 29) to collect for
Cumbria Flood Victims.
Items needed:-
·         Towels
·         Blankets
·         Duvet, pillows and other bedding
·         Non perishable food e.g. tinned soup, beans, packaged foods
·         Toiletries (male and female) including female sanitary products
·         Pet food and pet bedding
·         Miniature hand sanitizers
·         Wellington boots/waders
·         Waterproof clothing
·         Protective clothing (inc work gloves)
·         New pants and socks
·         Crockery and cutlery
·         Baby/young child items (formula milk, baby food jars)
·         First aid kits
·         Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes
·         Bottled water
·         Torches
The contact email address is
Barrow Market is now open every day, except Sunday 13 December up to and including Thursday24 December.

Cumbria Community Foundation Appeal
An appeal has been launched to raise funds to support the individuals and communities throughout Cumbria devastated by the flooding and storms.
Find out about ways to donate to the appeal here

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