Thursday, 23 February 2012

Children are batty over story bags

Children are getting bags of fun out of story sacks which bring them closer to wildlife in Barrow and Walney.

The sacks contain toys which are relevant to 12 stories involving Benjamin the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his friend Glen the border collie and their encounters with local wildlife.

In the first story Benjamin visits the Green Heart Den, a community garden on meets Pip, the pipistrelle bat.

Pip says, “We pipistrelles are the most common British bat but we’re still very important as there are fewer places for us to hang out these days.  We are very small and weigh just a few grams but we eat up to 3000 insects a night.”

The story is an entertaining  way to get the wildlife message across and this particular story sack contains bat wings, flower headbands and replicas of Benjamin and Glen.

Distributed by Barrow’s Wildside project, the first sack was launched by project officers Sue Thurley and Gemma Blackburn at Barrow Library with 13 children getting involved.

Sue said, “Story sacks are a great way for parents and children to learn about local wildlife together. Each story in the sacks is based around real wildlife in real places on your doorstep so you can go out and have a wildlife adventure yourself.”

Story sacks have been distributed to the Action for Children Children’s centres, Toddler Time at Spring Mount, Walney, Furness Childcare and Tilly and Toms’ Day Nursery.

The sacks are loaned to these groups free of charge. There are still some left. If any nurseries or play groups are interested in borrowing the sacks contact Sue at or on 01229 471066.                                                                                               

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