Tuesday, 17 April 2012

South Cumbria’s top cop thanks community for driving down crime

South Cumbria’s top cop, Chief Superintendent Paul Kennedy, has thanked local communities for helping local officers and staff to reduce crime throughout the area.

Annual crime figures published at the beginning of this month confirmed that overall crime in South Cumbria dropped by 7 per cent in the last financial year – a difference of 626 fewer victims of crime recorded in 2011/12 when compared to 2010/11.

In the Barrow-in-Furness area, overall crime reduced by 592 incidents – a dramatic 12.7 per reduction from 4,666 reported incidents in 2010/11 to 4,074 incidents in 2011/12. In South Lakeland, crimes reduced by 0.8 per cent from 4,213 incidents to 4,179.

On hearing these results, Chief Superintendent Paul Kennedy has thanked his teams and local neighbourhoods, attributing the success to officers, staff, the community and other agencies working together to drive down crime and tackle anti-social behaviour.

He said, “I am delighted to see such dramatic reductions in crime in South Cumbria over the last twelve months.

“South Cumbria is made up of tight knit communities who inform us of any problems they face and do not shy away from working alongside us to tackle issues and rid our streets of crime. The hard work that officers, staff and communities put in is clearly paying off and residents and visitors should be reassured that together we have made South Cumbria even safer. We also have the benefit of really good partnership arrangements with other agencies that help to problem solve crime related issues across the area.

“Witnessing such large reductions in crime in Barrow-in-Furness has been particularly pleasing to see. Barrow is the largest town that we police in South Cumbria and when you see that serious acquisitive crime such as burglary and car crime has reduced by 37 per cent in the town, you don’t just see impressive figures – you know that this represents 161 fewer victims of this type of crime, which is fantastic.

“Anti-social behaviour incidents also plummeted across Barrow from 6,603 reported to police in 2010/11 to 5,158 incidents in 2011/12 representing a staggering reduction of 21.9 per cent.

“When we are fortunate to live in a county that experiences very low crime levels, anti-social behaviour can be the issue that has the most negative impact on a community’s life. We don’t underestimate the effects that anti-social behaviour can have on people and we have worked closely with partners, schools and community groups to proactively tackle the problem. As a result, anti-social behaviour has also reduced significantly across the board.

“We are committed to continuing this success over the next twelve months and I’d like to thank our communities, officers, staff, and other agencies of South Cumbria for helping us to make such a positive difference.”

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