Monday, 3 December 2012

Online Advent Calendar launched to help keep Cumbria safe over Christmas

Cumbria Police have launched an online advent calendar to start the Christmas countdown and to give visitors to their website crime safety advice to help keep them safe over the festive period.

From Saturday 1 December people will be able to click on the date to find a key message which will offer them personal safety advice such as how to stay safe when purchasing gifts online to making sure that they plan their nights out and stay safe getting home.

The aim of the online advent calendar is to provide messages which are little reminders for people to consider during a busy month to keep them protected and their belongings secure.

Assistant Chief Constable Jeremy Graham said "The online advent calendar gives us the opportunity to remind people how they can help us to keep them, their families and friends safe over the festive period.  

"At this time of year people become busy and preoccupied during the countdown to Christmas, therefore having a reminder each day will help people not to forget to lock their doors or leave property in their cars and therefore reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

"As people make plans for their Christmas parties, we want to help them to enjoy their night and get home safely by reminding them to think ahead, look after each other, drink responsibly and make plans to get home which will help them enjoy their Christmas celebrations.

"We hope that people enjoy this online campaign and get some useful Christmas safety tips and advice from clicking on the e-windows.’’

The advent calendar can be accessed on the Cumbria Police website and by following Cumbria Police on or 

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