Friday, 24 April 2015

Research local sport history at Barrow Archives centre

Have you ever thought about researching the history of local sport and leisure? At Barrow Archives and Local Studies Centre you will find a wealth of sources relating to the growth and development of sporting activities from Victorian times including football, rugby, cricket and athletics. In our local studies library we have a variety of publications which chart the history of Barrow AFC and Rugby League as well as numerous archive collections that contain team photographs and match programmes. Why not have a look through a photograph album belonging to the ‘The Old Barrovians’ Association’. 

This amazing source comprises photographs of prefects, sports teams, the choir and other recreational activities, 1944-1968. Each individual person in the photographs has been named. This might be a useful starting point for planning a long overdue reunion!
Further details relating to Barrow Archive and Local Studies Centre can be found:

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