Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Police send warning message to those who risk lives by using phones whilst driving

Police are launching an operation that is sending a warning message to those who risk lives by using their mobile phone whilst driving.

The operation, which runs from 24th September until 30th September, will see officers run checkpoints on roads across the county in order to deter motorists distracting themselves by using their phones and not paying full attention to the road.

The use of mobile phones whilst driving has been identified as one of four key contributors to fatal road traffic collisions that occur in Cumbria and this operation will aim to target this behaviour through education and enforcement.

Chief Inspector Terry Bathgate, Cumbria Police Operational Support Unit, said “Over the years, we have conducted numerous campaigns targeting those who risk people’s lives by using their mobile phones whilst at the wheel and still we see drivers in this county doing this. During this campaign officers will be looking to enforce the law where necessary to deter further people from doing this."

“Road traffic collisions can have tragic consequences on those involved and those who are close to them. What can only increase that pain is knowing that the collision could have been avoided had the driver been paying full attention to the road. It only takes a slight loss of concentration to cause a collision in which lives could be lost. A split-second decision to check a message can impact you for the rest of your life. Simply put don’t do it, don’t risk lives, no message or call is worth a serious injury or fatal road traffic collision."

“We fully understand that some people are very busy and may need to take and make calls whilst on the go. Our advice to those who require this facility is to purchase and use in-car Bluetooth technology. It may be a small expense but one that does not compare to that of a person’s life. It is important to note that whilst using hands-free technology is much safer, it still can be distracting and the best advice is to only use a phone when safe and legal to do so."

“Safer drivers save lives and our message could not be more clear; do not risk lives by using a mobile phone whilst driving.”

Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said “I fully support this campaign, and urge drivers to follow this is simple but effective advice that could prevent a road traffic accident and potentially save lives, not just of drivers but other innocent road users too.”

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