Thursday, 5 August 2010

Why thought for the week … ?

Recently someone asked us why we post our ‘thought for the week’ every week on this blog, and that’s a good question. Ostensibly this blog is about sharing information and news about what’s going on in Barrow, and more specifically the town centre and Hindpool areas of Barrow. But we don’t just share these news stories and information about what’s on because we have to or need to, we share them because we care about the place we all live and because we believe in certain values.

It is these reasons that get to the heart of why we post a thought for the week on our blog. Regular readers of our blog will know we list interesting and fun events, news releases from public services and other generally useful information. We chose what we publish for a reason, we chose them to indicate something about our values and the kind of neighbourhood, community and town we want to live in.

The same applies to our selection of a thought of the week, we chose them as signposts to the kind of place and society we want to live in, to indicate the kind of thoughts and feelings we think are important in creating and sustaining that kind of place and society. French Renaissance writer, Michel de Montaigne said “When I quote others I do so in order to express my own ideas more clearly.” This is why and how we choose our thoughts for the week – to express our own ideas more clearly through the thoughts and words of others … we also choose them because, as a French proverb suggests “The maxims of men disclose their hearts.”

We hope you like our choices and we are always happy to hear your comments, thoughts and feelings about them – plus, if you’ve got any good ones of your own feel free to let us know.

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