Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Constabulary “overwhelmed” by public support in the face of “devastating” cuts

Following the recent announcements that Cumbria could potentially lose millions of pounds, there has been an “overwhelming” amount of support from the local public and media.

Proposed changes to how money is allocated to police forces in England and Wales (the funding formula), combined with forecasted cuts as part of the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review, could mean that Cumbria could face budget cuts of £26 million.

The Constabulary has already made £20 million worth of savings by reducing officer and staff numbers, closing stations, and restructuring the way policing works in the county.

Chief Constable Jerry Graham said “We have been overwhelmed by the level of public support we have received in the face of potentially devastating cuts. I feel fortunate to work with dedicated individuals and teams whose service is so important to the people living in this county.

“Thousands of people across Cumbria have responded to news of the cuts by signing a petition set up by local media (which can be found here), making their views known across social media, and by contacting their local MPs.

“This demonstration of support for policing in Cumbria has been gratefully received by officers and staff working for the force in a challenging time, during which they are continuing to provide the best policing service we can afford to keep people safe.

“I have given my personal reassurance that we will do everything we can to protect policing in Cumbria.”

A video is available online which outlines Mr Graham’s concerns regarding the cuts - click here to watch the film.

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