Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Police Funding in Cumbria

Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes said “The Policing Minister on Friday gave a more detailed outline on the impact on the reform of police funding arrangements with a further consultation period until the end of the month. We will be participating fully with the consultation.

“Based on what we know at the moment it looks likely that we will lose £9.5million under the proposed changes to the funding formula. In addition, we are expecting further savings requirements to be outlined in the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) announcement at the end of November presently we are forecasting this to be a minimum of £11.5million.

“Savings of £20million have already been achieved. These further reductions will mean that policing resources in Cumbria will have fallen by £46million over a ten year period to 2019/20.

“Proposed cuts of this scale will have a significant impact on the level of policing within the county and I will now be working with the Chief Constable on ascertaining the future financial viability of the police service.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner I am keen to establish with Ministers that they understand the full consequences of such proposals on the ability to maintain an efficient and effective police service in Cumbria.”

Chief Constable Jerry Graham said “Disappointingly, we have been advised that current funding formula proposals would mean Cumbria would lose highest proportion of our budget out of all the forces at 15.83%, which equates to £9.5 million.

“This is obviously of great concern to Cumbria Constabulary, as there is only so much money that can be saved while retaining a viable policing service. We will be looking at these proposals in detail over the next few days and establishing what exactly it would mean for Cumbria’s people and communities.

“We have until the 30th October to respond to the Home Office with our concerns, and we will do so in detail. I would like to reassure people in Cumbria that we will continue to provide the best possible policing service we can afford during this process, and keep the public updated on any developments.

“I remain committed to Cumbria, and hope that local people will help us fight to retain a viable policing service for the communities of Cumbria in the face of increasingly tough financial challenges.”

Background information

£20million - Savings already made from 2010 and including savings from 2015/16
Funding reduction £9.5million minimum - Changes to funding formula*
Funding reduction £11.5million minimum - Forecast changes from CSR – part of the expected announcement on 25 November

After taking account of cost pressures such as inflation rises further savings of £26million required from 2016/17 over four years. 

*is core Government funding to the police

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