Thursday, 17 December 2015

Local collection point to support flood victims - Barrow

Local Collection point for Cumbria Flood Victims on Barrow Market
There is now a stall on Barrow Market (stall number 29) to collect for
Cumbria Flood Victims.
Items needed:-
·         Towels
·         Blankets
·         Duvet, pillows and other bedding
·         Non perishable food e.g. tinned soup, beans, packaged foods
·         Toiletries (male and female) including female sanitary products
·         Pet food and pet bedding
·         Miniature hand sanitizers
·         Wellington boots/waders
·         Waterproof clothing
·         Protective clothing (inc work gloves)
·         New pants and socks
·         Crockery and cutlery
·         Baby/young child items (formula milk, baby food jars)
·         First aid kits
·         Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes
·         Bottled water
·         Torches
The contact email address is
Barrow Market is now open every day, except Sunday 13 December up to and including Thursday24 December.

Cumbria Community Foundation Appeal
An appeal has been launched to raise funds to support the individuals and communities throughout Cumbria devastated by the flooding and storms.
Find out about ways to donate to the appeal here

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