Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cumbria CVS Volunteer Workshop

Are you wanting to improve your skills and get a job in administration, youth work, health & social care, retail, driving, teaching, nursing, environmental work? Whatever job you are looking for why not gain some experience first by volunteering? Try volunteering to expand and enhance your CV and improve your job prospects. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, improve your skills, try a new challenge and it also helps to improve your confidence.

Locally in Barrow our volunteer centre at 72-74 Scott Street is now holding monthly 'Introduction to Volunteers'. The sessions cover the wide range of volunteering opportunities, organisations that are needing volunteers, the benefits of volunteering and state benefits, training opportunities, courses and NVQ's available to volunteers. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out what is available to you. No skills or qualifications are necessary.

Next Session 14th July 2010 at 12.30pm-2.30pm Tel: 01229 823144 to book your place or e-mail:

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