Monday, 26 March 2012

Seat Belt Campaign is a success but highlights the risk people still take

Police officers across the county brought awareness of the importance of wearing a seat belt as part of the European campaign.

A campaign was launched across Europe on 12th March 2012 until 18th March to education people about the importance of wearing a seat and ensuring the correct child seat is used to make children safer when in a vehicle.

Police officers across Cumbria were being vigilant about stopping those drivers and passengers who were seen without a seatbelt and over the week:
·         170 fixed penalty tickets were issued at a £60 fine.
·         29 vehicle occupants were verbally warned
·         Two drivers will be summoned to court

During the campaign local officers also detected eleven drivers using a mobile phone, thirteen drivers speeding, one vehicle seized for having no insurance and three drivers arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

The campaign has seen a number of schools being visited throughout the week by officers who gave talks about the importance of wearing a seat belt and making sure they were in the correct child seat.

PC Lee Hill, who was the lead for Cumbria Constabulary on this campaign, said “It has been a very successful campaign and will continue to promote the necessity of wearing a seat belt, not only is it law but it also will save your life.

“Our work to make sure children are in the correct child seat will also continue, with information leaflets being sent to every registered child minder in Cumbria.

“One thing that was noticed during the campaign, and of concern, was the increasing number of drivers and passengers who are not wearing their seat belts correctly.  Many that were stopped for failing to wear seatbelts were in fact tucking the chest strap under their arm. This is not using the seat belt as it was intended and will not protect them in the event of an accident.

“Not wearing a seat belt correctly does carry a penalty of a £60 non-endorseable Fixed Penalty. It is important to wear a seat belt correctly and in not doing so you risk your own life and those lives of your passengers.”

You more information about wearing a seat belt, please visit the Government website at the link below:

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