Thursday, 21 June 2012

HMIC Inspection report shows Cumbria is tackling Anti Social Behaviour

Cumbria Constabulary has continued to make progress in tackling anti social behaviour (ASB), Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) inspection has found (see national report below).

In Spring 2012 the HMIC checked on progress regarding how forces in England and Wales were tackling ASB and recognised how Cumbria Constabulary had continued to make improvements since 2010, when the way in which forces dealt with ASB was reviewed.

Since then, Cumbria Constabulary have refreshed their ASB strategy, which has shown good results in engagement with the public and clear communication which reinforced that tackling ASB was a priority for the force.

Due to the Constabulary’s proactive approach to tackling the issue, the last financial year saw reports of anti social behaviour fall by a massive 20.9 per cent – from 32,938 reported incidents in 10/11 to 26,058 in 11/12. This is a difference of 6880 fewer calls for service to police.

The HMIC surveyed victims about their experience of reporting ASB to the police, and inspecting the quality of the processes that forces use in tackling and responding to the problem.

Of the 200 people surveyed, who had reported ASB to Cumbria Constabulary during 2011, there was a 10% increase in the percentage of people who were satisfied with the information provided to the police following their call, with 66% satisfaction in 2012, compared to 56% in 2010.

Also Cumbria Constabulary was above the national average for people feeling that their call had made a difference to the problem, with 63%, compared to the national average of 55%.

Chief Superintendent Don Spiller said “ASB is taken seriously by Cumbria Constabulary and the review has enforced that we have gone from strength to strength in tackling the problems which are important for our local communities.

“We are constantly striving to make improvements in our processes at Cumbria Constabulary and the areas in which the HMIC review highlighted which required work had already been the recognised by the force and improvements are planned.

“Reviews such as these reinforce the hard work and dedication by Cumbrian police officers in tackling ASB, which remains one of our top priorities.”

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