Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cumbria Constabulary asks everyone to enjoy the European Cup sensibly

Cumbria Constabulary is urging football fans to enjoy the European Cup sensibly and know their limits when drinking during the tournament in order to stay in control.

A campaign has been launched to run throughout the tournament to encourage people to stay in control, respect each other and make sure they have plans to get home safely.

Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said “We want people to enjoy themselves but be responsible for their own actions and behaviour. Know what your limits are and don’t exceed them because this is when people can potentially lose control.

“Nearly half of all violent incidents are alcohol related so, with numbers of football fans heading to our pubs to watch the matches expected to increase over the coming weeks, we have launched a campaign to remind people to keep hold of their senses.

“We will be taking a tough approach to disorder and running targeted high visibility patrols at key times throughout the competition to reassure local people and deal with disorder swiftly and robustly.

“We want people to remain in control and think about their actions, our advice is to walk away from any arguments or confrontation, a drunken argument or fight could end up in someone getting seriously hurt and destroy people’s lives.

Local pubs across the county have been sent some basic ‘does and don’ts’ to make sure they are prepared for the tournament, which include having enough bar staff and registered door staff but not to extend hours, let too many customers in or let under 18’s in.

ACC Skeer added “We want the pubs in our county to make sure that the football fans who are going out to enjoy the match do so in a safe and friendly environment. We have provided the pubs with basic advice which should remind them to be prepared for more people going out.

“People’s safety is our upmost priority and we want everyone to enjoy themselves but have regard for others.”

The Drink Drug Drive campaign starts on the 1st June 2012, Cumbria Police are encouraging friends and family that are going out to watch any match to take turns in being a designated driver.

ACC Skeer added “It is not worth the risk putting your life and the lives of others in danger to have a drink. We will not tolerate it and look to prosecute anyone who we catch driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We encourage everyone to get home safely and making a few arrangements before you go out could potentially save your life."

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