Monday, 11 June 2012

It's National Poop Scoop Week - be a responsible dog owner

Bag it, Bin it - clear up after your dog and keep our local community clean.

Some basic rules for responsible dog owners - please make sure you are one.

- Always carry something to clean up - a plastic bag or a ‘poop scoop’ device
- If you have a yard/garden, train your dog to go there and make sure you clean up straight away
- Don’t rely on the rain to wash it away
- Always respect your local authority’s rules on dog free areas, read the signs
- Never let your dog out alone to toilet
- Politely encourage guilty owners you meet to do their duty - simply offer   them one of your poo bags
- Remember to always wash your hands after your walk
- Dispose of poo bags in a dog poop bin or any public litter bin
- Hanging poo bags on tree branches is unacceptable
- Get your dog wormed regularly - ask your vet

For more information visit The Dogs Trust here.

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