Monday, 12 November 2012

FREE Bike Marking at Furness College

Due to the marked increase of reported thefts of pedal cycles in Barrow recently Cumbria Police are offering free cycle marking sessions at the front entrance of Furness College this week.

The times and dates of the sessions are as follows:
Tuesday 13th November 12noon-5pm
Wednesday 14th November 8:30am–1pm
Thursday 15th November 12noon–5pm
Friday 16th November 8:30am–1pm

These sessions are open to anyone and no appointment is necessary.

They will be using the Retainaguard System which involves attaching three tamper proof stickers to the cycle in prominent places and then treating these stickers with a clear solution which penetrates the frame to leave a unique code invisible to the naked eye.

The manufacturers state that this solution is safe to use on all frame types. This system acts as an excellent deterrent for would be thieves and of course helps us to identify a stolen bike should we recover it. The best deterrent of all is to invest and use a good quality bike lock.

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