Monday, 26 November 2012

Stay safe this Christmas

As Christmas draws closer, Cumbria Police are asking people to consider their own personal safety as they plan their Christmas celebrations by launching a campaign to help people to stay safe and enjoy their nights out.

With just over four weeks until Christmas Day, Christmas parties are starting to take place across the county and officers want to take this opportunity to remind people to stay safe, look after each other, stay within their drinking limits, and remain in control.

In a bid to make revellers more aware of their safety during nights out and as they make their way home, police across the county will be handing out a range of free safety products, along with top tips to encourage people to consider safety as a top priority.

This year will see the continued promotion of the Constabulary’s “Keys, Money, Phone, Plans to get home?” campaign, which reminds young women, students and party goers to think ahead and plan their safe journey home.

Police will be giving away credit card sized handouts with key safety advice on that provides a space to write an ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) contact number, should they lose their mobile phones. They will also be handing out personal attack alarms.

Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham said “As the Christmas season approaches and people make plans for their parties, we want to help them to enjoy their night and get home safely.

“By thinking ahead, looking after each other and making plans to get home will help you to enjoy your Christmas celebrations.

“Make sure you have a registered taxi number on you, don’t be caught out and if you end up on your own, having that number will ensure that you get home safely.

Focus will also be on people staying in control of their night, not drinking too much and knowing their own limits.

ACC Graham added “We want everyone to enjoy the festive season and it is a great time to get together but we remind people to drink within their limits and remain in control. It can be easy to get carried away with the atmosphere, but having that awareness will mean that your night is a good one.”

“The consequences of drinking too much and becoming vulnerable or overstepping the mark can spoil your Christmas. As well as risking becoming a victim of crime, you could risk getting into trouble by a situation quickly escalating into violence or disorder.

“It’s not worth the risk. Enjoy drinks with friends but know your limits. Go too far and you can spoil your Christmas before it’s begun - you could see yourself banned from all Pubwatch bars and clubs or even under arrest.”

“People’s safety is our upmost priority and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have consideration for others.”

The campaign will encourage people planning a night out to follow this advice:
  • Think: Keys, money, phone, plans to get home?
  • Stick with your friends and look out for each other
  • Stash some cash in case you lose your purse or wallet
  • Pre-book a taxi home
  • Don't make yourself vulnerable by getting too drunk
  • Store an ICE (in case of emergency) number in your phone
Throughout the county extra police officers will be out on Friday and Saturday nights to make sure people are enjoying themselves responsibly and to assist quickly if any disorder does occur.

Police officers will be visiting some of the local colleges to hand out personal safety advice and attack alarms in an aim to encourage the students to think about their own safety.

People can also follow Cumbria Police on Facebook and Twitter where up to date safety advice and information will be shared.

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