Monday, 11 May 2015

Subsidised rider course on offer to Cumbrian motorcyclists

Police and partner agencies are working together to provide a subsidised motorcycle course to Cumbrian riders in order to reduce the number of collisions involving motorcyclists in the county.

The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership have offered to subsidise motorcyclists who attend and complete the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme.

The subsidised scheme is available to everyone who has a full ‘Category A’ motorcycle licence who is a resident of Cumbria. There are a number of different training providers who are linked into the scheme. To apply for the subsidised scheme, speak to your preferred training provider and complete the course. The training provider will link back into the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership and obtain the rest of the funding. The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a one day training session which will assess and improve your skills.

Superintendent Matt Kennerley, from the Operational Support Unit, said: “Cumbria offers motorcyclists with some of the best scenic routes in the UK and is popular with bikers from other parts of the country as well those who live in the county. We want motorcyclists to enjoy these routes safely and to avoid fatal consequences.

“I would encourage as many as people as possible to take advantage of the subsidised rider course in order to improve their skill and competence. Motorcyclists remain extremely vulnerable road users and it is vital that riders build on their skills and experience in order to deal with the challenges they face. 

Chris Broadbent, from the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership, said: “The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership works throughout the year in order to reduce road casualties amongst all road user groups. We hope that motorcyclists take up this offer to improve their skills and to help ensure their safety whilst out on their bikes.” 

John Forrester from Eden Pro Rider Training, one of the training providers signed up to the scheme, said: “Road safety should be at the forefront of all motorists minds, especially motorcyclists. This DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme is similar to the Pass Plus scheme for cars however it is not just aimed at those who have passed their motorcycling test, the scheme is great for those who are returning to riding after a break or are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle.

“The training will stress to the rider the dangers presented on the road and the importance of being in control of your vehicle. The development in motorcycles means that bikes are much more powerful and are capable of greater speeds. This can cause serious danger to a rider who is not competent on such bikes. 

“At Eden Pro Rider Training a rider will receive live training, whilst in contact with an instructor via a radio, enabling the training to simulate real life situations.” 

Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes said:“This sounds like a great initiative, and I would urge motorcyclists to take advantage of the scheme.  All too often we hear of accidents involving motorcyclists on our roads, unfortunately some fatal, so anything that can be done to improve road safety is to be welcomed.” 

Those applying for the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme through the subsidised scheme will have £100 taken off the price courtesy of the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership.

Following successfully completing the course, a rider will be presented with a certificate which could reduce motorcycle insurance.

Cumbria motorcyclists can benefit also from signing up to the BikeSafe scheme, which is a national police-led motorcycle project run by most forces across the country. For further information go to to register interest.

For more information on the subsidised rider scheme and to find your local training providers please visit the ‘For Motorcyclists’ page on the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership website at

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