Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Barrow Children and Young Peoples Working Group

Grant information for projects which benefits children and young people aged 0 – 19 years.
You can apply for a grant if you are:-
1.    An established group run by a committee with a written constitution or set of rules and a group bank account (requiring two trustee signatures)
2.    In the process of setting up your group
3.    Non-profit making and your work benefits your local community
4. Operational within the Barrow district. If you are affiliated and part of a national charitable body, you must demonstrate that any grant awarded would be of direct local benefit or used within the local community.
Grant Criteria
In allocating funds from this budget, councillors will satisfy themselves that projects address at least one of the following criteria:
·         Providing access to play, recreational, leisure or outdoor activities.
·         Providing access to care or educational activities.
·         Providing access to safe and enjoyable places for children and young people to go.
·         Providing access to holiday, weekend or out of school activities.
·         Enabling children and young people’s involvement and participation e.g. forum, youth council, engagement, empowerment, decision-making.
·         Supporting children and young people to take part in volunteering or community action.
In addition, applicants for funding from this grant should evidence a commitment to Health and Safety and Risk Management; Equality and Diversity; Safeguarding; Financial Management; and sound Governance.
It is important to the Barrow Children and Young Peoples Working Group that:-
·         Your group is trying to raise funds, either through group activities or from other funding sources.
·         Your group conforms to the Barrow Children and Young Peoples Working Group sustainability checklist as appropriate.
·         Your project is of benefit to the local young people aged 0 - 19.
·         Your group agrees to all the points in the ‘General conditions for the offer of financial assistance’ sheet.
For further information please contact Graham Bassett on 015394 713135 or e-mail or contact the Area Office on 01229 407312 for assistance.

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