Friday, 4 May 2012

Meet the Archive Service ...

During Cumbria Archive Service’s 50th anniversary year, you are invited to Meet The Archives!

Cumbria's Archive Centres are brimming with treasures for you to discover, that reflect the uniqueness of their local areas, show us something of the past and give us an insight into the people who lived here.

Perhaps you’ve researched your family tree, found out who lived in your house, looked at local industry, or done a college project. Or perhaps you’ve never stepped foot in one of our Archive Centres.

Now is your opportunity to delve deeper into our archives. During the first week of every month in 2012 each Archive Centre will showcase an individual archive or a small selection from a collection and invite you to simple drop in to take a look.

There’s no need to stay to research - please simply call in to Meet the Archives during the 1st week of every month. Barrow Archive and Local Studies Centre, 140 Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 1XW  
Tel: 407377

The May Collection is the Barrow Blitz
Part of Barrow Borough Council surveyors' collection. Map of the town, highlighting the bomb damage caused during the blitz (14-16 April & 3-10 May 1941). The main targets for the Luftwaffe were the shipyard and the steel works. The accuracy of the raids was very limited and many residential areas throughout the town were hit. During the blitz 83 people died and 330 were injured; about 100 houses were destroyed outright and a further 500 had to be demolished later.

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